Happy Monday Leap of Joy friends! This week we wanted to celebrate one of our incredible instructors, Miss Jenny Alperin. In case you haven’t had a chance to check out her bio, Jenny is a part of the Nuna Maana Immersive Dance Company. The company is very unique, putting on shows that envelop all of your senses through the use of mixed art.


Jenny has a BA in Dance from SUNY Buffalo. Her experiences throughout her schooling and subsequent time on stage has made her a unique addition to our Leap of Joy team. Since she has experience in several different dance disciplines, Jenny ensures a well developed class for her students using both technique and modifiers in her choreography. Her students adore her, and it’s no wonder. Her take charge attitude is highlighted by her personable persona.

In addition to teaching for Leap of Joy, Jenny teaches all over town, sharing her gifts with the world. It takes a lot of discipline to be that busy, yet have time for the little things. Her next project will be an encore of a spring performance entitled, ‘A Coronation Ball.’ The event allows the viewer to become part of the final product, engaging in moments that move the story line along without losing track of the fun involved. The Ball is centered around a Prince who does not want to be King, taking a story as old as time and molding it into a fresh outlook for the arts aficionado of today.


To learn more about Jenny, and all of our Leap of Joy staff, be sure to check out our Team bio section on the website. If you’d like to know more about the upcoming ‘Coronation Ball’, or would like to attend, please check out the company’s website and the ticketing site listed below. Have a wonderful week!


The Nuna Maana Company

A Coronation Ball

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