As part of our artist spotlight portion of our blog we want to shine the spotlight on our Leap of Joy students as well. Up on stage this week is a student at Hart Elementary, fifth grader Valeria. Valeria takes part in our Musical Theater program at Hart, and this year she will be playing one of the leads in our adapted production of Footloose.

           IMG_20150220_122551          Valeria began her journey with Leap of Joy two years ago. In the time she has spent with Leap of Joy she has learned different skills in both ballet and jazz basics, acting, improvisation, and costume and set design. After her first year with Leap of Joy, Valeria began pursuing additional instruction with local acting and singing coaches to broaden her range. She is incredibly dedicated to her craft, and as she moves into the next phase of her educational future she will be bringing with her useful skills she picked up in our Leap of Joy classes. We are so proud of our budding Leap of Joy star. Though we are sad to see her go, it is with the knowledge that she is ready for the next step.

          In addition to shining brightly on stage, Valeria is also a model student. In addition to impeccable grades, she is also the first to help diffuse any situation between her classmates. She acts as a role model to both her peers, and those younger than her. During her arts instruction Valeria has also been very receptive to our lessons in positive self-image and the importance of good nutrition. We have done our best to teach our Leap of Joy students lessons to take with them through their lives, and we are confident that Valeria will do so in stride. As part of our summer program, Valeria did a quick interview describing her thoughts and feelings on Leap of Joy. In her own words, “Leap of Joy is really important to me and everyone in the class. It’s helped me become less afraid of things I never thought I could do.”


          We are so proud of all of our Leap of Joy students, and through the student spotlight we hope to get you acquainted with as many of them as possible. Remember we are always taking donations. If you’d like to help out in any way, please contact Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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