Summer is such a magical time. School is out, days are long, and there’s plenty of activities to take part in each and every day. But, during these hot summer days it’s really tempting to take shelter in the air conditioning at home or other various buildings around town. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to listen to your body and cool off when it needs it, but that need to stay cool can easily turn into an uneventful lazy day. String enough of these together and soon you’ll find yourself inactive way more than you meant to be during the season. Having trouble figuring out to keep a healthy balance? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a few ways to keep cool, and keep active this summer.

1. Take the Time to Get Up Early


Early mornings are some of the coolest times during the summer. The sun has been down, the ground and air have cooled off, and you’ll have ample opportunity to get active before the heat of the day becomes oppressive. The first few times you get up at the break of dawn your body will be mad at you. That’s ok, if you get yourself into a routine it will eventually become second nature. This is the best time to go for a hike, go for a run, check out the tennis courts, or work on core exercises out doors. You’ll still be exerting energy, and you’ll definitely still heat up, but it won’t be overwhelming.


2. Visit a Large Museum


Museums are amazing. Not only are they homes to some of the greatest relics in history, but they’re climate controlled! Plan a day to walk the halls of your favorite museum, use the stairs instead of the elevator, challenge yourself to stay standing during the whole visit, and if you have the time, walk through each exhibit twice. It’s not the most strenuous of activities, but it will certainly burn calories and give your leg muscles a work out.

3. Visit Your Local Rec Center


The rec center is great resource for the community. Most have gyms, basketball courts, and offer classes all indoors! If you can’t afford a pricey yoga class downtown, consider signing up for one at the rec center. Often classes are free,  or at the most cost a few dollars to give the instructor for their time. Rec centers usually offer team play for basketball teams in the summer. You can stay active, and meet new people. There’s always air conditioner, and generally rec centers harbor a safe environment for all those who participate.

4. Head to the Pool!


This one’s obvious, but vital to the summer experience. The act of recreational swimming can keep your heart rate up, but swimming for exercise is a great way to get your cardio in while enjoying the benefits of being outdoors. Most pools keep a lane roped off at all times for those who want the structure of lane swimming. Generally there’s also specific times where pools offer only lane swimming to the general public. Pick up a pair of goggles and glide through your daily exercise without working up a sweat. Be sure to wear sunscreen!


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