Hello Leap of Joy friends! This week we are very excited to announce our collaboration with celebrated Austin based dancer, choreographer, and all around wonderfully creative being, Andrea Ariel. For those of you into the Austin, the name will surely ring a bell. Ariel is the creative director of the Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre, her own company that puts on an array of shows and multi-media projects you won’t find anywhere else.



   (photo via http://www.arieldance.org/)

She works not only with an array of arts in her theater, but also with her program ARTSPLUS, bringing the arts into after school programs just as we do here at Leap of Joy. We could list Ariel’s accolades and resume for days, but instead we want to intimate our excitement at the upcoming collaborative effort in bringing arts to students throughout the Austin area. For more information on Ariel and all of her work, check out her website where you can find an array of photos from events she’s put on in the past.



                    (photo via http://www.arieldance.org/)

Remember, the school year is fast approaching. If you or anyone you know is looking for a fulfilling and wonderful volunteer opportunity, or would like to join our Leap of Joy staff please contact jrichardson@leapofjoy.org. We are looking for both theater and dance based instructors who have both experience and passion working with kids. We are elated to be closing in on the start of classes, won’t be a part of making our dreams into reality?

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