These photos are from our field trip to see KDH on December 1st, 2011 at the SVT. What a wonderful experience! What did we need? 2 Buses, 3 school, around 100 students waiting in anticipation, a fantastic Leap of Joy staff , volunteers and of course a generous choreographer & dance company.

As you see from the photos above, the students waited eagerly in the lobby pre-show. Once bathroom visits and snack time was checked off, they entered the auditorium with anticipation. And to add to the excitement, we received 3-d glasses that were to come in use at some point during the show.

Post-show was filled with questions about the set, dance technique, lights, costumes and much more. And while  waiting on the bus, Ms. Maia reviewed dance material in the lobby with the her freshly-inspired Harris dancers. Hart students played and then started on their homework at one end of the parking lot. Barrington students came together to play “Little Sally Walker” on the opposite end and work off their energy sitting patiently in the auditorium for a full 60 minutes.

All in all a great success! Thanks to all who helped out.
– The team at Leap of Joy

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