It’s been a busy year for Leap of Joy.  We’ve worked with well over 100 kids this last school year.  This past spring we had three performances  from three of the six schools we serve, perform in the City Wide Showcase.  Sarah, one of our wonderful teachers designed the logo that went on to our new t-shirts that all of the children received and the ones that performed, got to keep their clothing.  We continue to serve fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables at the end of class and the kids were introduced to some foods they’d never eaten before like cucumbers and blackberries.

Also, as you can see our website has had a major face lift! So, take some time and look at all the changes including our recent promo video! You can find the link in our “About” section.This 2012 summer session we are currently teaching at a kid’s summer camp 4 days at one of our participating schools.  Plans for the future include printing our t-shirts in adult sizes and offering Leap of Joy dance bags with our other dance wear.  We’re hoping to add another school or two this next fall and will continue serving many of the schools we serve now with additional classes being added as well as including dance with theater arts.  We are excited to announce our volunteer Danielle Houtkooper is moving forward to becoming our first theater arts instructor for this upcoming fall semester! We’ll continue working with the kids academically as we have in the past.

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