One of the pillars of Leap of Joy is the promotion of healthy eating. In each of our classes we strive to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to encourage a well rounded diet. Many of our students miss out on key dietary needs when they rely solely on school lunches. Realistically schools aren’t given the funding they need in order to fulfill these needs. There are several ways to keep healthy throughout the year, but Spring is unique in the plethora of fruits and vegetables that bloom as soon as the weather gets nice. Here’s a few tips to eat healthy throughout the spring

1. Plant a GardenUrban-Gardening

It’s not too late to get your spring garden going. Even if you don’t have a yard to plant in you can always make a planter, or use flower pots to create a small urban garden. Soil is inexpensive as are starter plants and seeds like tomatoes and beans. Even these small additions to your diet will help keep your body happy and healthy. 

2. Visit a Farmer’s Market at the End of the Day

At the end of the market day most vendors cut deals on their remaining produce. Buy in bulk, and you can always freeze your fresh fruits and veggies for another day.

3. Head to a Discount Health Store

Sprouts is a great example of a discount health store. The fruits and vegetables are always fresh and mostly organic. They also have affordable meats and grain products. By buying fresh instead of frozen you can save money and create healthier alternatives to products that are normally filled with preservatives and additives.

4. Create a Sharing System with your Neighbors

Sometimes you bought too many of one vegetable. If you don’t want to freeze it or come up with different recipes for the next few weeks than consider swapping with your neighbor. Maybe they have extra apples and you have too many potatoes. Having an open sharing system creates a dialogue that allows everyone to benefit from healthy eating. Consider this sharing system if you create your garden as well. Urban gardening is growing, and these days you can find chickens in at least one backyard on the block. Maybe a fresh bundle of green beans can be swapped for half a dozen eggs. You’ll never know until you try.  


If you would like to donate to our classes to help pay for healthy snacks we have a Paypal account set up through our main page. We are always taking donations and volunteers to help out the organization.

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