We’re so excited about all of our activities this Spring.  Our dance and theater classes are busy learning new pieces they’ll be performing in the City Wide Showcase through AISD on April 27  and in our own very special event Care to Dance on Friday May 17 from 6 to 9 at the Boyd Vance Theater at the Carver Center.  In addition to a variety of performances from our kids, we’ll also be featuring their teachers, who are professional dancers themselves with more surprise performances added.  There will be refreshments and silent auction in our reception before the show with fabulous auction items — but we’ll hold that surprise secret for now.  The wonderful people at Austin Pizza will be providing food for the kids.
   Thanks to Jonas Vezia, our guest artist,  for entertaining our kids at Hart recently.  He’s inspired them with new tips on perfecting their musical theater performances.  Also on the agenda, a field trip to Zach Scott Theater to watch rehersals and see how it’s done behind the scenes.
    Most of all thanks  to Glimmer of Hope, we’ve added three new teachers and six classes that wouldn’t be possible
without their help with summer programs groupclassand new additions in the fall.
Judy Richardson , Leap of Joy Director and Founder
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