Looking for ways to get your kids moving? We have lots of ideas to get your students and loved ones up and dancing. The spring semester has finally begun for Leap of Joy, and our vibrant teachers Mysti and Janna were the first to head back with Sims and Brook elementry schools.

Janna had a wonderful time with her students getting reacquainted and getting ready for the upcoming year.  Janna warmed them up with some good old fashioned playtime, followed by light stretching and going over a few basic ballet techniques. At the end of class she had them engage in creative brainstorming by drawing pictures of what they would like to learn throughout the year. One of our favorites is featured as this blog post’s featured image. Janna describes her students as, “A group of girls excited to learn and dance”. We can’t wait to see what Janna comes up with for our big Care to Dance performance in May.

Mysti started the New Year with a bang going over dance concept directions with her students. They learned about the space around them, and started choreographing their performance for Care to Dance. All of our teachers have different teaching techniques, ensuring the success of our students. Mysti’s approach for the week included the “Magic String” game. This employs the learning and imaginative skills of her students allowing them to understand their body’s movement. The game involves pretending there is a string tied to different parts of your body, and then pretending to pull the strings so that your body moves in different directions.

We love games like this, if you have any fun ideas about warm-up games for our students and teachers we would love to hear about them. You can leave us a post on Facebook, or send a message to daniellehoutkooper@leapofjoy.org

Interested in becoming a volunteer for Leap of Joy? Contact jrichardson@leapofjoy.org

SAVE THE DATE: Friday, May 30,2014 Care to Dance at The Boyd Vance Theater.

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