Hey Leap of Joy friends! It’s about that time again, school starts up on Monday and we want to send our rambunctious little students back in a big way. Keeping healthy habits all year long can lead to long term benefits for the whole family. Let this school year mark a new beginning for you and yours! Check out these five tips to start your year off right.

5. Get Moving!


Have trouble getting your little one to school each morning? Consider adding some movement to your morning routine. Whether it’s walking or biking to school, doing a quick dance number at the breakfast table, or simply running around the backyard to get energy going, getting into the habit of staying active will not only help motivate your child to get out of bed, but will also help those lazy bones stay on track with the demands of an early morning schedule. It’s important to keep up the habit on days off, think of it as an internal clock keeper.

4. Get a Good Night’s Rest


This one seems a little bit obvious, but remember, a good night sleep can make all the difference. As we get older we tend to dig ourselves into a sleep debt that we’ll never be able to climb out of. By ensuring your kids get a good night sleep every night (including weekends) you’ll save them a lot of hassle. Make sure you allot yourself a solid night sleep as well, if you’re well rested you’ll have a better day, overcoming any obstacles that may get thrown your way.

3. Cut Down on Screen Time




Screens tend to keep minds stimulated longer than intended. Be sure to keep track of how much time your family spends with electronics before bed time. Electronics are part of our daily lives now, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend every second we are awake with them. Remind your kids (and yourselves for that matter) about how wonderful it is to just enjoy one another’s company, or even the company of a book to unwind at the end of the night.

2. Take Time to Relax


Running around doing the day to day routine can be exhausting. Just as it’s important to take time away from electronics, it’s also important to take time to relax. Some kids’ days are filled with activities from sun up to sun down. It can be very stressful, something that they’ll carry with them through adolescence and into adulthood. Being a kid should be fun, and making sure you take the time to relax, be silly and unscripted ensures a happy and healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat Healthy!


Again, just as with sleep this one’s pretty obvious. But, we can’t stress enough how important your diet is to your overall health. If you keep a constant balanced diet, you will have the energy to not just get through the day, but actually enjoy it. Getting into the habit of eating healthy will give your kids the tools they need in order to continue on with healthy habits as they make their way through school. You’re not always going to be there when they make their food choices, so teaching them about what keeps their body fueled will ensure they develop a taste for fruits, veggies, and other nutritious meals and snacks to keep them moving. Sweets and other indulgences are ok once in while, we are only human after-all.



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